Positive Impacts Better Workplace

At Pacific Modular, our mission is to reduce the quantity of flooring products our clients use over time.

Our approach:

    GreenSeal certification: The Mark of Environmental Responsibility
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Conserves energy and natural resources
  • Minimizes landfill waste
  • Saves capital investment dollars

Cleaner Air Increases Productivity

Your employees will breathe easier and experience fewer building-related allergies and illnesses thanks to our
non-toxic, dry maintenance process.

Healthy, satisfied employees lead to reduced absenteeism
and less turnover, giving you higher productivity.

Our Choices Make a Difference

Sustainability matters. Your commitment to protecting occupant health and the environment inspires employee pride and helps attract new personnel. It also lets your customers know you’re working toward a brighter future.

Improve indoor air quality, conserves energy and natural resources and minimize landfill waste

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