Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

Realize Your Floor’s Potential

Keeping old tile and grout clean is a frustrating battle. Heavy traffic, grime and moisture dull surface finishes and breed mildew and odor, but tile replacement is costly and disruptive. SaniGLAZE’s innovative process can bring back the original luster of your tile floors overnight.

  • Give old tile a sparkling appearance.
  • Clean or recolor grout.
  • Eliminate dirt and moisture penetration.
  • Restore a fresh scent to the room.
  • Maintain like-new floors for years to come.

SaniGLAZE’s non-porous, protective barrier keeps your tile and grout free of contaminants and future discoloration. Pacific Modular also offers the EverGLAZE protection program for decades of professionally maintained floors.

Best in Class

Inspired by the phenomenal results SaniGLAZE delivers, Pacific Modular became the exclusive Pacific Northwest service provider of this breakthrough technology. We think you’ll be as impressed as we are. Schedule a free demo today!



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