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Modern. Stylish. Industrial.

The concrete finish you’ve been looking for. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a glistening glossy shine or something more soft and satin, we’ll work with you to find the right combination to create exactly the sparkle you see when you close your eyes and picture your perfect workplace - and the maintenance plan to preserve it.  


We cover the full lifespan of your concrete, from installation through maintenance, rejuvenation, refurbishment, and protection.

We use only the best materials, not only in our floors themselves, but in the products we use to maintain, clean, protect, and restore them.

Our track record includes three decades of service to some of the PNW’s largest and most diverse commercial companies; we’ve seen it all, and we’ve done it all.

Concrete Polishing

There’s an art to polishing concrete. You’ve got to find the right abrasives and equipment to grind out every little pit, stain, and blemish without chipping or damaging the floor itself, then polish every inch to that perfect, uniform sheen. After thirty years of practice, we’ve just about turned that art into a science. 

Concrete Coating

Coatings can make your concrete floors stain resistant, more durable, and better looking. Whether you want to improve traction, extend your floor’s lifespan, or just add some visual sizzle to your workspace, we guarantee we have a coating to suit your needs.

Concrete Maintenance & Sealing

Keeping your concrete floors looking good through years and years of use comes down to two things: maintenance and sealing. We provide both. Sealing is the ounce of prevention to maintenance’s pound of cure, keeping your floors safe from incidental stains, while regular maintenance rejuvenates your floors no matter how many feet, office chairs, and years pass over them.


Degreasing and removing concrete stains in a kitchen area

Concrete sealing and protecting in a nice matte finish

Let's see what your floors can be.