Commercial Carpet Tile Installation Service in Portland


What are Commercial Grade Carpet Tiles?

Commercial-grade carpet tiles are a cost-effective alternative to traditional carpeting in commercial spaces. Carpet tiles commonly feature a layer of carpeting and padding in either 18 or 24-square-inch pieces. These pieces fit together to meet unique design demands.

Depending on the carpet tile manufacturer, some tiles may require a special adhesive known as mastic.

Are you looking for carpet tiles in Portland? Learn more about commercial carpet tiles before you make your final decision.

Our Commercial Grade Carpet Tile Installation Process in Portland

At Pacific Modular, our carpet tile installation experts follow a strict process to ensure the longevity and performance of your new flooring. This process includes:

Step 1 – Calculate the Required Installation Materials

To calculate the required materials to install carpet tiles in Portland, we will need to measure the space. The measurements include the length and width of the room. They also consist of the square footage of the carpet and other materials for a successful installation.

Step 2 – Prepare the Installation Area

We will bring the commercial carpet floor tiles into the room to acclimate to the ambient temperature. Then, we will remove the baseboards in the area to allow for a clean installation.

Step 3 – Mark the Center of the Room

The next step involves marking the center of the room to prepare for a test layout.

Step 4 – Test Your Desired Carpet Tiles Layout

To ensure ideal positioning, we will place the commercial carpet tiles 24×24 or 18×18. As a test run of the design, the tiles will not adhere to the subfloor.

Step 5 – Install the Carpet Tiles

After ensuring the perfect placement of each tile and cutting tiles to fit as necessary, we will begin installing the tiles with adhesive.

Step 6 – Solidify the Seal

We will use a rolling device to make sure that the tiles connect to the subfloor. Mastic glue will require additional drying time to provide a secure seal.

Pros & Cons of Commercial Carpet Tiles

Learn about the pros and cons of commercial carpet tiles in Portland.

Pros: Benefits of Carpet Tiles

  • Design Flexibility: You can mix and match tile colors, sizes, or patterns to meet your aesthetic goals.
  • Easy Installation: Lightweight tiles are easy to transport and provide faster installation options.
  • Equal Maintenance Requirements to Traditional Carpet: Vacuum regularly and hire a professional dry extraction cleaning expert for maintenance.
  • Simple Repair: Keep leftover tiles to prepare for future repairs and save hundreds of dollars. Doing so will also prevent the need for a complete installation of a new carpet.

Cons: Drawbacks of Carpet Tiles

  • Tile seams may be visible in certain design patterns.
  • Foot traffic may make seams more visible over time.

Misconceptions about Commercial Carpet Tiles

You may find some common misconceptions about carpet tiles while searching for an ideal flooring solution for your commercial space. We will dispel these misconceptions about commercial square carpet tiles in commercial applications, including the following:

#1 – Carpet Tiles Trigger Asthma and Allergies

Any carpeting, in general, acts like a giant filter by capturing dust and dander in its fibers. You can easily remove these allergens by hiring a professional carpet cleaner. It’s especially effective to hire a cleaner who uses an environmentally friendly approach.

#2 – It’s Difficult to Clean and Maintain Carpet Tiles

Commercial-grade carpet tiles are no more difficult to clean than a traditional carpets. A skilled carpet maintenance crew can remove stains and perform dry extractions as necessary.

#3 – Carpet Tiles Cannot Last for a Long

Commercial floor carpet tiles can last ten or more years with regular maintenance and care. Additionally, you can repair worn-down areas without investing in a completely new installation.

#4 – Carpet Tiles Are Not Stylish

Carpet tiles are available in multiple colors, patterns, and sizes. You can design a beautiful space with a variety of carpet tiles. Consider searching for “commercial carpet tiles near me” to discover the design of your dreams.

#5 – Carpet Tiles Take Time to Install

Compared to a traditional carpet roll, commercial square carpet tiles are easier to install in a shorter timeframe. Tiles don’t require time-consuming stretching, and using tiles will reduce the amount of waste carpet. Leftover tiles are viable for replacements and repairs in the coming years.

#6 – Carpet Tiles Collect Mildew and Mold

Mold grows where moisture is available. You can deter the growth of mold by keeping the carpet tiles dry. Also, avoid using environmentally harsh wet-extraction cleaning methods.

How Commercial Carpet Tile is different from Broadloom Carpet

Did you know that carpet tiles and broadloom carpets are different types of flooring? You already know that tiles are more cost effective and allow for highly customized designs. Learn more about the additional differences between commercial floor carpet tiles and broadloom carpets.


Instead of bringing one or more large rolls of broadloom, your carpet installer can bring small stacks of tiles that are easy to move. Using tiles allows for a more flexible installation approach. It also minimizes the need to remove furnishings.


When broadloom carpeting wears down, you have to replace the entire carpet. Tiles allow for simpler repairs that will save money over time. You can use leftover pieces of commercial carpet tiles in 24×24 or 18×18 inch pieces to replace worn-out or damaged areas without hassle.

Waste Material

Broadloom carpets come in large rolls that may require cutting to ensure a proper fit in the space. The excess carpet is wasteful because you can’t use it to repair worn-down areas due to differences in pattern. Carpet tiles avoid this waste by providing a perfect fit and match for repair needs.

Commercial Carpet Tiles Near You in Portland, WA

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