Hard Surface Installation & Maintenance

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Stainless. Stable. Shimmering.

Whether your floors are LVT, concrete, VCT, or tile & grout, you want them to last their longest and look their best. Every one of those surfaces needs its own special care routine to thrive, from basic cleaning and buffing to more involved polishing, restoration, and finishing. There’s no one-size fits all answer.

We understand that every floor is unique, and requires unique care. Fortunately, our thirty years of experience dealing with every kind of hard flooring surface makes us uniquely qualified to assess what your floor needs to last its longest… and uniquely qualified to deliver on that assessment.


We know every material. No matter what type of flooring you have, we’ve got decades of experience and expertise in how to get the most years--and the most luster--out of it.

Hard surfaces require professional maintenance. We’re the leading commercial flooring professionals in the PNW. Rookie mistakes are expensive, so we don’t make them.

We believe maintenance is the best investment. We’d rather show you how we can keep your existing floor looking its best for years to come than try to sell you a new one.


No matter which version of vinyl tile your building uses, we’re well-equipped to keep it shiny and safe. LVT is a terrific flooring solution, and nobody wants to have to replace it, so we’ve found every way we can to extend its lifespan and keep it looking Day 1 new. We’re also well versed in all the nuances and finicky details that go into keeping up your VCT, from finishing and preventative maintenance to restoration and rejuvenation as wear-and-tear starts manifesting down the line.


Sealing. Polishing. Coating. There’s a lot of different steps that go into creating and maintaining the perfect concrete floor, and we’ve taken the time to master each and every one of them. We cover concrete from end to end; we’ll help you pick out the style and sheen you want, we’ll mix and pour it, then coat, seal, and polish it until you’ve got exactly the floor you envisioned… and then we’ll craft a custom maintenance plan to make sure you never lose it.

Tile & Grout

Our SaniGLAZE process eliminates the challenges associated with trying to clean and maintain stained and unsanitary tile & grout surfaces. After we restore tile and grout surfaces to their original beauty, we keep them that way, with our EverGLAZE extended protection plan, so they stay safe, sanitary, and beautiful far beyond the initial restoration. We also offer EverGLAZE on fresh installations, saving you years of hassle and expense by making sure your grout is sealed and protected from day one. 


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